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Madison County Stay at Home Order

Madison County and the Towns of Hot Springs, Marshall, and Mars Hill have issued a Stay at Home Order.  It will be effective beginning at 8:00 pm on Friday, March 27, 2020.  Only essential travel will be permitted, and only essential businesses will be allowed to continue operations.  To view the document, scroll to the bottom of this page, or go to the County website at the following link:  https://www.madisoncountync.gov


Madison County Recommends Suspension of Short Term Rentals

Follow the link below and click on the Madison County Short Term Rental Suspension Recommendation document.



Madison County Government and Madison County Health Department Recommends Shelter-In-Place

Due to the statewide increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, Madison County Commissioners and the Madison County Health Department are making the recommendation that our citizens shelter-in-place at this time.  Shelter-in-place means you stay home, unless you have essential travel.  Essential travel means travel to and from your job, to the pharmacy, to the doctor or to the grocery store. 

This is being recommended to try and slow the spread of the virus, and to protect our citizens who are at higher risk.  This virus is most dangerous for those over 65, those who have lung and heart disease, and those who have auto-immune disease.  You can be infected and not have symptoms or feel sick for up to 14 days, so please do your part.  Maintain social distancing, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, cover your cough or sneeze.  Hot Springs residents have always been there for each other, and I know we will be now!  Thank you all for your cooperation!!


Madison County Local Government COVID-19 Press Conference

Madison County local leaders held a press conference today to keep you up-to-date on the status of COVID-19 and to share information regarding available resources for our citizens.  You can view the Press Conference from the Madison County website at the following link:   https://www.madisoncountync.gov

Town of Hot Springs - Abigail Norton, Mayor

Effective March 17th, 2020 - The Town of Hot Springs has implemented proactive measures as a precaution to limit transmission of the Coronavirus known as COVID-19.  The Town Hall Lobby will be closed until further notice.  Town services such as law enforcement, water/sewer services, and garbage collection will continue uninterrupted.  Administrative services such as finance, water billing, tax collections, and zoning can be accessed by phone.  Payments for water/sewer billing or for taxes can be made via U.S. Postal Service.  If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at (828) 622-7591.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

HOT SPRINGS CITIZENS:  Please access the Madison County Health Department web site for information regarding prevention of COVID-19, at the following link:  https://www.madisoncountyhealth.org


Any Madison County resident may sign up for this free service.  Alerts are sent to your home phone, cell phone, and email by Madison County Government and contain important public health and safety information.  You can also choose to receive automatic severe weather alerts.  Sign up using the following link:  http://hyper-reach.com/ncmadisonsignup.html

*****Madison County State of Emergency Declaration*****

The county of Madison has declared a State of Emergency in response to the global spread of the Coronavirus.  By and with the consent of the mayors of the municipalities within Madison County, this Declaration of Local State of Emergency applies within the municipal limits in the Town of Hot Springs, the Town of Marshall, and the Town of Mars Hill.  The State of NC has establised a comprehensive update page that you may access; it is ncdhhs.gov/coronavirus.  Be assured that your local officials are closely monitoring this situation, and if needed, will implement strategies to ensure the safety of Hot Springs citizens and the safety of our visitors.    Abigail Norton, Mayor

Welcome to the official website for the Town of Hot Springs, North Carolina.  Thank you for visiting.

Hot Springs is located at the confluence of the French Broad River and Spring Creek. A natural hot spring is also located here, the only such spring known in North Carolina and in much of the southeastern United States. Thus, this area has long since been a destination for those looking for therapeutic relief from their ailments.

Native Americans were the first to discover the 100+ degree mineral waters, and European immigrants settled the area over 200 years ago. It is reported that people were visiting the springs by 1778 for the waters' reported healing properties. In 1828, a major road was constructed through the current town, the Buncombe Turnpike, making the area more accessible.

By 1831, James Patton of Asheville bought the springs and had erected 350 room Warm Springs Hotel with its 13 tall columns representing the 13 original colonies in 1837. The dining room of this large hotel could seat 600 people. The railroad reached the village - then called Warm Springs - in 1882. The hotel burned in 1884 after 46 years of operation. Another hotel, called the Mountain Park, was built in 1886.

A higher temperature spring was found, prompting the changing of the town's name from Warm Springs to Hot Springs in 1886. Sixteen marble pools were surrounded by landscaped lawns with croquet and tennis courts, and it was know as one of the most lavish resorts in the Southeast.

By May 1917, the hotel and grounds were leased to the US Government to be used as an internment camp. That hotel burned in 1920, and another one was built - but not as large and opulent and it later burned as well. Today, the springs are privately owned as The Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Water is piped to outdoor tubs beside the French Broad River and Spring Creek.

The town itself is popular as a modern tourist destination for, aside from the springs, outdoor recreation. The Appalachian Trail runs along downtown's Bridge Street and climbs the mountains on either side of the river. Rafting and kayaking is popular on the French Broad River itself. There are numerous other hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, and sightseeing opportunities in the nearby Pisgah National Forest.

A special message regarding social media and the Town of Hot Springs: The Town of Hot Springs Government does not currently maintain any pages on any social media outlets as of January 2016. Please know that if you encounter a site in social media claiming to be officially associated with the Town of Hot Springs, any posted media therein does NOT reflect the town in ANY official capacity. Thank you for your time and attention.