The Zoning & Planning Board meet on the second Mondays of each month.  The public is invited & encouraged to attend.  The Board Members are:

Elizabeth Staude, Chair

Christine Harrison, Treasurer

Karen Nagle, Secretary

Bill Becker

June Gahagan

Jonathan Woods, Zoning Administrator

Alternates: Elmer Hall and Donnie Prater

The Zoning Ordinance is available to read at Town Hall during normal business hours.

Fee Schedule: (see full listing at Town Hall)

Application for Zoning Compliance: $20 (The Zoning Administrator will come to look and issue you a form of approval (if you comply).  You must have this to get your county building permit)

Signs (On Premise): $25.00 Per Sign

Application for Zoning Change: $500

Application for Conditional Use: $500

Application for Variance: $250

Application for Special Use: $250

File Attachment: