The Zoning & Planning Board meet on the second Mondays of each month.  The public is invited & encouraged to attend.  The Board Members are:

Ben Houser, Zoning Administrator

Julie Hochwender, Secretary

Jeff Jamison, Treasurer

Lisa Hicks

Mildred Shelton

Tim Arnett

The Zoning Ordinance is available to read at Town Hall during normal business hours.

Fee Schedule: (see full listing at Town Hall)

Application for Zoning Compliance: $20 (The Zoning Administrator will come to look and issue you a form of approval (if you comply).  You must have this to get your county building permit)

Signs (On Premise): $25.00 Per Sign

Application for Zoning Change: $500

Application for Conditional Use: $500

Application for Variance: $250

Application for Special Use: $250